John Carrigan (Kargh) has recently emailed me some photos of him as a Klingon from the Sci Fi movie "Of Gods and Men".
A small article from John will appear in the next issue of Star Trek Monthly with a larger article appearing in the December Issue.

The pictures with a background story now appear on the articles section of this web site. 


I am on the look out for someone who attends conventions or shows especially where any actors of the New Voyages team are in attendance, so if you are going along and would be interested in doing your own review of the show or an article of your visit, I will put your story on the web with any pictures you take.
You will also be given moderator powers on the Media forum accessible off this board to write your experiences. I plan to visit ones that are fairly local to where I am, but there are always those that are too far from me, and its these I need the correspondent for.