What is 'Of Gods and Men'?

Of Gods and Men is a feature length three part digital mini-series that will be soon available to download via the web. Filming started on the mini-series on the 12th July 2006, it is being produced in part by the production crew who are making New Voyages.
Currently starring Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig who reprise their roles as 'Uhura'
 and 'Chekov', it is set in the post Kirk time of the Enterprise B when 'John Harriman' was their captain who is being portrayed by the original actor Alan Ruck. Tim Russ is directing the film, but will also appear as a younger Tuvok. Also appearing in the movie are Garrett Wang ('Harry Kim'), Chase Masterson ('Leeta'), Grace Lee Whitney ('Janice Rand'), Gary Graham ('Soval') and Crystal Allen (from 'Bound'), there are also some other suprise guests.
John Carrigan plays a Klingon security officer who dares to challenge Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Garrett Wang and Tim Russ (and wishes he hadn't).
Hopefully filming will be finished by December 2006, so look out for the first part appearing on the internet sometime in the near future!