Walter (Chekov - ST-TOS) having signed his autograph for me, shortly after I met John Carrigan and his wife Anne.

It was a great shame that the teaser trailer specially made for the event could not be shown as it would have been great promotion for the show and introduced a lot of fans to this exciting project.
One question asked related to if Gene Roddenburys vision of the future was still on track today to which I got the impression he believed so, someone else asked Walter if there was any of the Bester character in his own personality, plus how much did he use of his own personality to bring the character to life, he thought hard about this, and said some of it, but there was always a darker side to everyone. Alas someone asked him to say "Nuclear Vessels" and Walters immediate response which got a round of applause was "Lets not" as he swiftly asked for another question.
The microphones used in the audience needed to be held almost directly in front of your mouth, so several times questions were not heard, Walter at one point got down off the stage, went to the fan, where the question was actually whispered in his ear.
Thirty minutes went very quickly, plus with his appearance being the last act on stage before they closed for the evening, the main hall was quickly becoming deserted.

Walter (Chekov - ST-TOS)  on stage, talking about 40 years of Star Trek.

After Walter Koenig had left the stage, I met back up with John Carrigan and his wife Anne, John told me they just couldn't get the DVD of the New Voyages trailer to play on the DVD player which was at the venue although it had played fine at home, it was a great shame as I think this would have been a fantasic introduction to all the visitors of the show to see Walter revive his role as Chekov, plus it would give them a great introduction to 'Star Trek New Voyages' which I think is a fantastic show.
After having my photo taken with John (Kargh), I then headed off back home, returning back via the DLR, the London Underground and my mainline train service.
I have enclosed a few other photos below which were taken on my visit.

From left to right:
Chris King (Yours truly!), John Carrigan (Kargh - ST-NV)

Centre: Nicole deBoer (Ezri Dax - ST-DS9)
(Either side: London Expo staff)

Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker - ST-ENT)

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