By the time I had found my way around it was nearly 1:30pm however most of the actors were just heading for lunch with a scheduled time back to their tables of around 2pm to 2:30pm. I bought one ticket from the 'Smiley' booth, later obtaining two more (having replenished my cash via the cashpoint machine out in the hallway).
After lunch I met John Carrigan, his wife and Walter Koenig near the table where he was signing autographs, I chatted to them all for a few minutes, then proceeded to get Walters signature, took his photo, plus collected a small stock of the New Voyages business cards, with this mission accomplished I then headed back into the hall to wander around and get two more signatures, first on my list was Rober Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) who stood up and did the personal photo with me - a very nice gesture, next I headed over to Connor Trinneer's (Trip Tucker) table to collect his signed photo. I found the whole show a pleasant place to be and whilst it had that formal feeling, it more importantly had a social grace which to me was a bonus, all the actors/actresses freely walked about from their signing areas, and taking photos of them was allowed (although some preferred no flash photography).

One promotion that was on stage shortly after I arrived was for 'Eragon', a fantasy adventure film that is due for release in December 2006. Edward Speleers who plays the part of 'Eragon' was over in the UK to promote the movie, he appeared on stage for Q & A, plus an interview, additionally there was an exclusve long clip, it looks like a great film.
Amongst the dealers and traders there was a huge selection for fans, including items from Lord of the Rings, Manga, Buffy, Star Trek and a host of other cult shows. Their public amenities and seating were outside in the corridor, so in need of a cold drink - I nipped out for a diet coke, this also gave me a chance to sit down for a short while - walking about can make the feet ache - I ended up chatting to two people who had travelled down from Yorkshire via coach to stay in a local hotel so as to attend the event, they were thoroughly enjoying themselves plus each had a large bag of goodies they had bought that morning.
Having now obtained my signed autographs, it was nearing 4:30pm which was when the team of '24' were due on stage to do their chat with Q & A, so I made my way back into the Expo to find a seat near the front. The Q & A from 24 was great fun, two employees of the event were offering microphones to each side of the auditorium so questions could be asked by eager fans.

From left to right: Carlos Bernard (Tony Alemeida), Gregory Itzin (President Logan), Roger Cross (Curtis Manning), Kim Raver (Audrey Heller Raines), Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe)

The '24' team were on stage till about 5:15pm, this was immediately followed by a short 15 minute Q & A with two of the main Stargate SG1 team Teryl Rothery (Dr Janet Fraiser), Obi Ndefo (Rak'Nor - SG1) also on stage with them was Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica), he also has appeared in Stargate SG1.

From left to right: Obi Ndefo (Rak'Nor - SG1), Teryl Rothery (Dr Janet Fraiser - SG1), Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica) - {Lady at front of stage is doing sign for hard of hearing}

At 5:30pm Walter Koenig (Chekov STOS and Bester B5) had a 30 minutes slot on stage to talk about 40 years of Star Trek. I was sitting next to a few fans of Walter's in the front row, and just before he appeared on stage, I was asking them if they were looking forward to seeing this new episode that he appeared in. I was met with blank expressions, they conveyed to me that they had never heard of this show, so I was happy to pass on one of the New Voyages cards I had collected earlier. Walter announced on stage that due to technical reasons they were unable to show the trailer that had been made for the London Expo, this episode is eagerly awaited by all fans of the New Voyages series and due to be released online in September 2006 (only available via the New Voyages web site).
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