As well as the main episode, the additional four 10-minute shorts meant the filming schedule was more movie-length than just one episode (and that's no mean feat on its own). No Win Scenario, the Klingon short in which I play Kargh, was shot partly in studio and part night shoot outdoors on location. We filmed that segment until 3.30am with my wife Anne playing my first officer and STAR TREK Magazine's Larry Nemecek playing a Tellarite We named him Larry the Ham by the way, the scene-stealing Tellarite, because he was fantastic and made the most of his small role. (Upstaged by a pig!).
Once again, the cast and crew did fantastic jobs but this year the production values have gone through the roof. Everyone pulled out all the stops and worked their butts off in sometimes 92-degree heat. We coped with swarms of flies by day and swarms of bats by night. Some people even slept in the studio, but I think fans will be amazed how great this episode is going look. I was amazed just being on set.
This time around, we had about 60 cast and crew and 90 visitors to the set which included the mayor of the local town, policemen, news crews, reporters and photographers. The set was a constant buzz, but when big Brian McCue shouted "rolling quiet on set", they had better be quiet... Our excellent director Jack Marshall had a fantastic crew under him with some new additions from within the film industry who worked their magic for us. You could tell they knew their original Star Trek.
James Cawley's construction crew also did a fantastic job with the sets. But I have to mention the rest of my fellow cast members who, like myself, felt the weight of what we were doing. During rehearsal it was great to see them listen to Walter, who would give his advice from time to time on how to approach a scene. Given his vast experience, not only on Star Trek but from his years of acting and directing, they all took it on board.
Although we all worked hard we had some great times as usual, although there weren't as many crazy goings-on as last year (I only kicked one bottle off a head for example).

From left to right:
John Carrigan, Anne Carrigan, Walter Koenig, Mary-Linda Rapeleye, Jack Marshall (director) and Pearl Marshall.
Photo courtesy of John Carrigan.

However, Jeff Quinn (Spock) and John Kelly (McCoy) did actually walk into a bar across the street in full make-up and uniform and the girl behind the counter asked Spock for his ID to make sure he was old enough to drink. Needless to say, the photo on Quinn's ID looked a bit different to the way he looked at that moment. Some other fun moments came because we filmed close to Walter's birthday. He was given two birthday cakes on set, one shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise and one with the fantastic poster for the episode created by Ron Boyd, of Chekov holding the Federation flag. (The trouble was, no one would eat Chekov...) But our biggest get-together was the night about 40 of us sat under the stars around a roaring camp fire eating from our own barbecue, drinking beer and watching episodes of ST.TOS projected onto a massive white cabin wall. What more could any actor (or Star Trek fan) want?
2006 looks set to be a great year for Star Trek New Voyages, with the main cast (myself included) and the director all on the guest list at this year's SF Ball in Brighton in February, alongside the captain himself, William Shatner. With a two-hour New Voyages movie being shot later in the year, it looks like the project is set to live long and prosper ...
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