Welcome to the UK Star Trek New Voyages web site. This site is run purely on a non profit basis as a fan based site and I hope to assist promote the series to a wider audience here in the UK.
If you do however wish to download any of the current episodes you must visit the official site using the New Voyages link on the menu where you will gain access to those that have been released so far.

Originally I had a link below to register for the Star Trek New Voyages Web Ring, alas to be able to substain a web ring at least 3 web sites which have content about New Voyages need to be in the ring, I can easily re-create the ring again should enough sites wish to register, please contact me for details.
If we all join, then in effect you would become part of huge link of web sites for Star Trek New Voyages!

Currently all report items are on the new 'Articles' section, whilst current forthcoming conventions will appear on the 'News' section.

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